Theresa Jacques – Vice President

Theresa Jacques has been a union member for 38 years and has been a shop steward for 25 years of that time. She remembers years back,  the difficulties of the Thrifty/Rite Aid acquisition and the growing pains and barriers that were created by such merger. Things have never been the same and now the specter of merger/acquisitions comes again. Theresa has always  supported her coworkers through hard times mentoring them and giving them peace of mind.

Theresa has always led by example. She is an activist, standing strong by hand billing the community in front of her worksite after her shift to educate the community about what her co-workers are facing and the struggles they have during contract negotiations. Theresa empowers her coworkers to come out either before or after their shifts to take a stand for what they believe in.

“I know it may seem difficult while you are working and boycotting the company during negotiations, but we all have to stand strong with no fear and do what is necessary to win a good contract.”

Theresa has been a UFCW Executive Board VP since 2015 and will uphold the utmost integrity and standards for the Local Union.

“I believe in fairness and equality for all and strive diligently to uphold these values.”