Bethyl Mitchell – Vice President

Bethyl Mitchell has been with Vons for 29 years, the latter half serving as a bookkeeper. Bethyl has always been involved with her union, helping members as well as members in other unions when they are in need. She has spent time learning and volunteering with the San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council AFL-CIO. Bethyl stepped up 12 years ago and became a shop steward, giving a voice to her coworkers. She has always been a mentor and advocate for others by keeping informed and guiding them as needed, which makes her the perfect fit for the stewardship position.

Bethyl is a San Diego native and has been involved in community work, giving back to her roots. She volunteered as a member for the Madison High School Foundation, she also organized the Madison Alumni reunions. She also took part in her Neighborhood Watch as Captain and will step forward undaunted when things aren’t right.

“I’m not afraid to question, or speak out on issues when issues arise.”

Bethyl is an activist at heart and will boldly go into action when there is a need. We welcome her to our team.