Tamara Long – Vice President

Tamara fought through the 2003-2004 strike and was a major force in helping support her peers on the lock out picket lines. Whenever there would be a union movement of solidarity or action, Tamara would be at the forefront, taking charge and leading her peers towards victory. She survived the Albertsons, Haggen debacle and now is currently a Butcher Block Supervisor in the meat department for Vons. Tamara continues to work hard building her pension and financial future.

Tamara enjoys her family and spending time with friends. She is also very health conscious working out and hiking many trails throughout the county.

Tamara will stand strong and  uphold the values of honesty, ethics, and integrity for UFCW Local 135. She will always step forward and take a stand to allow her peers to have a voice. We welcome Tamara to our team.