Esther Lopez – Vice President

Esther López was born in Fresno, California and raised in Calexico, California. She has worked for Ralphs Grocery store and been a member of UFCW Local 135 for 29 years. Esther also has been a shop steward, advocating for her co-workers for over 15 years. Esther feels everybody should have a voice. When Esther isn’t working she is committed to her family and friends. Esther has a son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren that she loves to spend time with. Esther instills her strength and positive guidance to ensure their bright futures. Esther’s significant other works for Ralph’s grocery store, as does her daughter-in-law.

Esther was a very strong and powerful picket captain during the 5-month labor dispute in 2003-2004. She supported her co-workers in a time that was very difficult, being locked out from work. She motivated and mobilized her strike line and also helped in the investigation of the companies that rehired locked out workers under false social security numbers, resulting in the prosecution of those companies that violated the law.

During the 2004 Presidential Election, Esther was a Special Project Union Representative (SPUR) helping in the political campaigns that helped labor friendly candidates succeed in the election cycle.

Esther loves furthering her education and is always in pursuit of knowledge.