Cristina Palmieri – Vice President

Cristina Palmieri started at Ralphs in 2004, two weeks after the strike was settled, as a courtesy clerk and a combo clerk. Shortly after, with hard work and determination, she was promoted to bakery department, then bakery manager. Cristina has been running bakery departments for over 14 years. Because Cristina was hired after the 2003/2004 lock out/strike, she therefore doesn’t have the same benefits of the rule of golden 85, like some of her pre-2004 peers. Cristina’s and her family’s knowledge of finance and investments has driven her to build a financial safety net for her family and future. Her strong ethics and determination has allowed her to make a career out of Ralphs and bring security to her family.

Cristina has been married to her husband for 2 years and has 2 daughters, Catherine who is 23, and Tiffany who is 19. Cristina loves to spend time traveling, to New Jersey where her family lives, as well as taking other trips to explore new places and cultures.

“I strongly agree with the decisions that Todd has been making and I support him 100%. We deserve the right as workers to fight for what we need since we put so much of our time and hard work for this company. I believe our retirement pension needs to be the same as our old contract. I love the union because it keeps the workers informed, strong, and united. We stand with the union no matter what.”