Chris Lopez – Vice President

Chris Lopez is a California native, born and raised in La Jolla, California. Chris has 3 daughters and is married to Jessica Lopez, who works for Vons.

Chris has worked at Vons for 20 years and is currently a produce clerk. Chris was a very strong picket captain during the 2003-2004 strike against Vons, supporting and taking care of his peers, plus keeping his group educated and informed throughout the strike. Chris is multi talented and holds a BS in Criminal Justice Administration, and also is currently a licensed Real Estate Broker, in addition to being a father and a role model for his family.

Chris is an activist dedicated to social justice, and was the first UFCW Local 135 Member to publicly speak out against Mickey Kasparian’s sexual misconduct and gender discrimination lawsuits. He was also the first to disclose the fact that union dues money from our Union Treasury was used to pay off and settle those lawsuits. Chris was very influential in exposing and stopping Mickey Kasparian’s secret merger, allowing all UFCW Local 135 Members to now “Take Back Local 135” and have this Union Officer’s Election to clean up the corruption. We welcome Chris to our team.