Sandra O’Brien – Vice President

Sandra O’Brien has been an E-Board Vice President of Local 135 for 6 years. She was one of the first E-Board VPs to publicly call out Kasparian’s sexual misconduct behavior, and fearlessly asked the difficult questions about the UFCW International President’s role and involvement with it all.  Sandra expects high standards, ethics, fair treatment and basic human decency at the union. With all the current problems perpetuated by Kasparian, causing the degradation of our union, she couldn’t remain silent any longer. Sandra went public and posted her statement letter, demanding justice for the Union.

Sandra has been working at Stater Brothers for 20 years. She also worked for Thrifty’s, Lucky’s and Albertsons, having been in the union before her current term at Stater Brothers, for a total of 30 years in the Union. Sandra loves her job at Stater Brothers, serving customers, plus protecting and advocating for her co-workers as a shop steward. Sandra is very out spoken and isn’t afraid to speak out against injustices against her peers or her union. Sandra was very candid and vocal while volunteering during the 2003-04 strike/lockout. She would speak to the media and stand up for everybody that was affected by the labor dispute.

Sandra loves spending time with her family. She has 11 grand children and juggles her job and life around coordinating time to be together with them. Sandra and her husband Ed love to travel and go fishing when ever they can with their family.