Grant was born and raised in San Diego, California, he started with Vons in 1983 as a bagger and was promoted to food clerk, then department management, working every job of that time era. Because of the great union standards and benefits, Grant was able to have a family with his wife and have 3 children. Because of the high union standards of that time Grant was able to acquire his first home at the age of 21.

Grant Tom – Secretary Treasurer

Grant came on staff at UFCW Local 135 in February of 2001, where he serves as Union Representative and was the primary technical support for the local at that time. Grant had advanced all technical systems of the local by developing a web portal to help members. He worked to support the strike/lockout lines simultaneously, keeping them informed via current technology during the 2003-04 grocery strike. During that strike, Grant and Union Representative German Ramirez (now retired) had developed the case that exposed the use of false social security number usage by one of the major companies that locked out their members, allowing for a landmark award to members affected by the violation and changing the behaviors of companies that would use those tactics during a labor dispute. Grant and German brought on the help of Shop Steward Todd Walters and Esther Lopez to help in the case which brought forth an overwhelming amount of evidence for the case and it’s victory.

“We will create infrastructures for advanced education for our members and stewards. We will coach, mentor and train stewards to be able to advocate and negotiate in strategic, innovative ways, taking us into the next level of Union strength.”

Grant has represented most of the whole territory of Local 135’s jurisdiction, mentoring and helping members with everything, including things that are outside the realm of the union contract. Grant’s proficiency in all contracts of Local 135 allows him to negotiate and obtain many obscure remedies that would otherwise be unavailable. Grant continues to help members in need and his reputation and documented record stands for itself, bringing innovation and new methodologies to our union.

“The protection of our members should be of the utmost importance. Methodologies involving life balance, strategic financial security and whole mind and whole body healthcare is what keeps our members vibrant, healthy and strong.”

Grant says, “For the past 17 years in the field with all of you, we have shared our stories, tricks, tips and lives together. Your contribution has allowed me to develop and help many others as I carry on your messages of love, hope, and growth. Please know that we recognize how important you are to our union community. We will bring this union out of decline and failure,  repair its tarnished reputation, getting us back what we lost, what we deserve, and ultimately reestablishing the union to how it should be. Now is the time, and we are excited to follow through and fulfill this mission for all of us. We are all one team and we will be here to guide, lead and serve you the way you deserve in this union.

“We will make this union local one we can all be proud of, we will be victorious!”

Thank you!
Grant Tom



Todd Walters, German Ramirez, & Grant Tom